CNC Lathe Machine Model: CY-K360n

Specification CY-K360n  
Swing Over Bed Ø410mm  
Max. length of work piece 750mm, 1000mm  
     Max. diameter of cross slide Ø 220mm  
Max. Travel X/Z axis 235/670mm 235/920mm  
Width of Bed 300 mm  
Rapid feed speed X/Z X: 6m/min Z: 8m/min  
Positing Accuracy X/Z X: 0.024mm Z: 0.32mm  
Repeatability X/Z X: 0.01mm Z: 0.013mm  
Tool Post 4/6 position electronic tool post  
Diameter of tailstock quill Ø65mm  
Max. Travel of tailstock quill 127mm  
Tailstock quill taper MT4  
Spindle nose A2-6  
Spindle bore Ø62mm  
Main motor 5.5W  
Spindle speed 35~2500rpm  
Gross/net weight (kg) 3100/2000(750)  
Dimension of machine (mm) 2260x1600x2040(750)  

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Specification CY-K410
Swing over bed 470mm
Max. length of workpiece 350mm
Max. cutting diameter of workpiece 410mm
Swing over cross slide 260mm
Max. travel of slide 265mm
Width of bed 400mm
Rapid feed speed X/Z 4 / 8m/min
Positioning accuracy X/Z 0.03 / 0.032mm
Repeatability X/Z 0.012 / 0.013mm
Tool post 4  position electronic tool post
Section specification of tool post 25 x 25mm
Diameter of tailstock quill (Optional) 75mm  (Optional)
Max. travel of tailstock quill (Optional) 150mm  (Optional)
Taper bole of tailstock quill (Optional) M5  (Optional)
Spindle nose A2-8  90mm, 1:20
Spindle bore 82mm
Main motor 7.5kw,  11kw(Optional)
Spindle speed & Spindle drive Servo motor , 35 – 2500

Coolant model for electrical cabinet

Heat exchanger
Gross / net weight (kg) 2900 /1900
Dimension of machine (mm) 2015x1350x1500


CNC Lathe Machine Model: CY-K510/1500:

Specification CY-K510/1500
Swing Over Bed Ø510mm
Max. length of workpiece 750mm, 1000mm, 1500mm
     Max. diameter of cross slide Ø 290mm
Max. Travel of Slide 250mm
Width of Bed 390 mm
Rapid feed speed X/Z X: 4m/min Z: 8m/min
Positing Accuracy X/Z X: 0.016mm Z: 0.025mm
Repeatability X/Z X: 0.007mm Z: 0.010mm
Tool Post 4/6 position electronic tool post
Section Specification of tool post 25 x 25mm
Diameter of tailstock quill Ø75mm
Max. Travel of tailstock quill 150mm
Taper bole of tailstock quill M5
Spindle nose D8
Spindle bore Ø82mm
Main motor 11 kW   15kW
Spindle speed and spindle drive Servo motor drive spindle speed
3-jaw chuck Manual chuck Ø250mm  Manual chuck Ø325
Door Semi-closed single slide door
Coolant mode for electrical cabine Semi-closed double slide door (optional)
Heat exchanger             Air Conditioner (Optional)
Coolant pump 100W
Lubricating Device 15min/time, 3-6ml
Gross/net weight (kg) 3100/2500(750)
Dimension of machine (mm) 2700x2100x2200(750)


CNC Lathe Machine Model: CYK660/1000



CNC Lathe Machine Model: CY-K6180

Specification CY-K6180
Swing Over Bed 800mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 520 mm
Distance Between Centers 1500/3000 mm
Max. Turning Length 1350 mm
Spindle Nose D11
Morse Taper of Spindle Center 120 mm
Spindle Bore Diameter 104 mm
Width of Bed 600 mm
Spindle Speed Ranges 17-100;38-222, 76-445,180-1000rpm
Spindle Speed Steps Hydraulic 4 steps (infinitely variable speed change for each step)
Main Motor Power 15Kw
Height Between Center Bed 420 mm
Ground 1150 mm
Rapid Feed Speed of X axis 4 m/min
Rapid Feed Speed of Z axis 8m/min
X Travel 460 mm
Z Travel 1350 mm
Min. Input of X axis 0.001 mm
Min. Input of Z axis 0.001 mm
Tailstock Quill Diameter 100 mm
Max. Travel of Tailstock Quill 250 mm
Morse taper of tailstock Quill M5
Number of Tool Post Stations 4 (vertical)/6 (Vertical/Horizontal)
Changing Time Between Tools 3.5s
Dimensions of Tool Outside Shank 32 x 32 mm
Inner Bore 32 mm
Repeatability of tool post ±0.008mm
Turning Precision IT 6-IT 7
Surface Roughness Ra 1.6
Overall Power 22kVA
Fencing System Fully-sealed/semi-sealed fencing system
Max. Overload between centers  (kg) 2300/1350 3200/2850