DM20, DM40,  DM45


  • Milling drilling, tapping, boring, reaming
  • Head swivels 90 op perpendicular
  • Wide and big table (optional)
  • Spindle micro feed, headstock up & down by power
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearing spindle Positive spindle lock
  • Adjustable gibs on table
  • Adjustable stops on table
  • Gear Drive headstock
  • Accurate position, strong rigidity, strong cutting power


Model   DM40   DM45   DM25   DM30   DM15   DM20
Code No.   5004000   5004500   5002500   5003000   5001500   5002000
Max Drilling Capacity(Iron)   Ø40mm   Ã˜40mm   Ã˜25mm   Ø30mm      ø20mm
Max Drilling Capacity(Steel)   Ø32mm   Ã˜32mm   Ã˜20mm   Ø25mm      
Max Milling Capacity(Face Milling)   Ø76mm   Ã˜76mm   Ã˜63mm   Ø76mm      ø63mm
Max Milling Capacity(End Milling)   Ø32mm   Ã˜32mm   Ã˜20mm   Ø20mm      ø16mm
Working Table Size   730×210mm   800×240mm   520×160mm   800×240mm   660×152mm   
Working Table Longitudinal Travel   500mm   500mm   290mm   500mm   360mm   
Working Table Cross Travel   230mm   230mm   140mm   230mm   150mm   
SpindleTaper   MT3 or MT4, R8   MT3 or MT4, R8   MT2 or R8   MT3 or R8   MT2 or R8   MT3 or R8
Spindle Strock   120mm   120mm   120mm   120mm   80mm   90mm
Spindle Speed (rpm)   75,170,280,540,960,1600   75,170,280,540,960,1600   100~2080   100~2080   200~2300   210,380,710,1200,2000rpm
Max Distance Spindle To Table/Max Track   470mm   450mm   430mm   440mm   280mm   500mm
Head Tilt Left Right.   ±90°   Â±90°         ±45°   
Power and Speed of Motor   1.1Kw 1450rpm   1.5Kw 1450rpm   1.1Kw 1450rpm   1.5Kw 1450rpm   1.1Kw   0.75kw 910rpm
NW/GW   270/300kg   330/350kg   270/320kg   300/350kg   265/354kg   354/400kg
Package Size   800×750×1150mm   800×750×1150mm   730×670×1020mm   1075×910×1315mm   1150×1080×1405mm   
Head Swivel               360°   
Radial Raise-Fall Strode                  370mm