Turner250     Tuner280      Turner180

Swing over bed ø250mm ø280mm ø180mm
Swing over cross slide ø150mm ø170mm ø120mm
Admits between 550mm 700mm 300mm
Center height 125mm 140mm 90mm
Width of bed 135mm 180mm 100mm
Spindle bore ø21mm ø26mm ø21mm
Taper of spindle bore MT3 MT4 MT3
Range of spindle speed 150-2500rpm 50-2500rpm 150-3000rpm
Compound rest travel  75mm 60mm 75mm
Cross slide travel 85mm 140mm 85mm
Lead screw thread Tr20x2 Tr20x3-L Tr16x2-L
Max.Section of toolWxH) 14x14mm 18x18mm 12x12mm
Threads metric pitches 0.4-3.5mm 0.2-3.5mm 0.5-3mm
Threads imperial pitches 8-44TPI 8-56TPI 10-44TPI
Quill diameter ø30mm ø30mm ø25mm
Quill travel  70mm 105mm 60mm
Quill taper MT2 MT2 MT2
Cross adjustment 5mm 5mm  
Main motor power 850W 1.1KW 600W
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 1110x500x500mm 1220x660x560mm 740x390x310mm
Packing size(LxWxH) 1200x520x570mm 1316x556x630mm 760x500x480mm
Net weight/Gross weight 120kgs/150kgs 205kgs/235kgs 44kgs/66kgs


Turner 400×1000 

Model Turner 400×1000
Distance between centers 1000mm
Center height 200mm
Swing over bed 400mm
Swing over gap 506mm
Swing over cross slide 240mm
Bed width 210mm
Spindle bore 52mm
Spindle nose fixture DIN55029,D1-5
Speed range (12)45-2000rpm
Longitudinal feed (27)0.06-2.78mm/r
Cross feed (22)0.01-0.72mm/r
Metric thread (36)0.8-14mm
Inch thread (30)2-28threads/1″
Diameter of tailstock sleeve 45mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 100mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve MT4
Motor power 2.4kw/2.0kw
Machine dimension(WxDxH) 1950x780x1540mm
Weight approx 900/1050kg




Turner 320×1000, 360×1000, 360Lx1000 & 410×1000/1500, 460×1000/1500

Model Turner 320×1000 Turner 360×1000 Turner 360Lx1000 Turner 410/Turner 460
Swing over bed ø330mm ø356mm ø360mm ø410mm/ø460mm
Swing over cross slide ø198mm ø220mm ø212mm ø224mm/ø274mm
Swing in gap diameter ø476mm ø506mm ø491mm ø640mm/ø690mm
Length of gap 115mm 145mm 115mm 165mm
Admits between 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm/1500mm
Center height 166mm 179mm 166mm 205mm/230mm
Width of bed 187mm 206mm 187mm 300mm
Spindle nose D1-4 D1-4 D1-4 D1-6
Spindle bore ø38mm ø38mm ø38mm D1-6/ø58mm
Spindle taper MT5 MT5 MT5 MT6
Range of spindle speed 70-2000rpm 45-1800rpm 70-2000rpm 25-2000rpm
Compound rest travel  95mm 95mm. 95mm 128mm
Cross slide travel 180mm 180mm 180mm 285mm
Lead screw thread 4mm 4mm 4mm 6mm or 4T.P.I.
Max.Section of toolWxH) 16x16mm 16x16mm 16x16mm 25x25mm
Longitudinal feeds range 0.091-2.553mm 0.043-0.653mm/rev 0.091-2.553mm 42kinds,0.0031-1.7mm/rev
Cross feeds range 0.025-0.690mm 0.027-0.413mm/rev 0.025-0.690mm 42kinds,0.014-0.784mm/rev
Threads metric pitches 0.25-11mm 23kinds 0.4-7mm 0.4-7mm 0.1-14mm
Threads imperial pitches 4-112T.P.I. 40kinds 4-56T.P.I. 8-112T.P.I 2-112TPI
Threads diametral pitches 8-224D.P   23kinds / 8-224D.P 23kinds 50kinds,4-112D.P.
Threads module pitches 0.25-3M.P  15kinds / 0.25-3M.P 15kinds 34kinds,0.1-7M.P.
Quill diameter ø32mm ø45mm ø32mm 60mm(2-5/16″)
Quill travel  100mm 120mm 100mm 120mm(4-3/4″)
Quill taper MT3 MT3 MT3 MT4
Cross adjustment 10mm / 10mm ±13mm
Main motor power 1.5KW 1.5 / 2.4KW 1.5KW 4 or 5.5KW
Coolant pump power 40W 40W 40W 0.1KW/3PH
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 1820x740x1240mm 1820x740x1250mm 1870x740x124mm 2200x1080x1340mm/2750x1080x1340mm
Packing size(LxWxH) 1930x760x1450mm 1930x760x1580mm 1970x760x1450mm 2850x1120x1700mm
NW/GW 750/800kgs 850/950kgs 790/840kgs 1670/1980kgs   2020/2385kgs